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The G-Man Squad Is Back, And Fully Remastered

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These days, the art of machinima isn’t doing as well as it used to. But way back in 2008, one of its masters was, and still is Xanatos of the Janus Syndicate, who released the first episode of the G-Man Squad series that same year. While he’s still making some awesome stuff these days, the G-Man Squad remains many people’s favorites from the Janus Syndicate. Which might be why Xanatos has decided to return to its origins, with a ten-minute G-Man Squad special containing re-shot and re-edited video from its first 3 episodes, as well as some never-before-seen footage. And yes, you get to hear Boris’s… distinct scream, in HD audio.

The G-Man Squad Is Back, And Fully Remastered

Released earlier this month, “The G-Man Squad Re-mastered” contains footage taken straight from the original demos of episodes 1-3, which may very well have been the best of the series. It’s all been re-edited extensively for better viewing experience; almost completely re-shot, and of course, re-mastered. Quite a bit of the footage herein might seem familiar, but the rest is stuff that has never been released before – and let me tell you this, it’s all good. Let’s take a look:

Pretty well done! Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of the G-Man Squad – while more original episodes would be great (perhaps a new “season”, featuring a new squad of G-men), even some more re-mastered episodes would be enjoyable as well. It definitely won’t be the last we see of the Janus Syndicate, though – to keep up to date on their future endeavors, join their Steam Group.


  1. LOL love these guys. gauss gun bit is the best one, and clyde’s little rant too. hopefully xanatos does more awesome stuff soon

  2. What happened with the Portal 2 DLC trailer, has it already aired?

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