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The Factions And Armies Of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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CS:GO’s doing far more than just slapping on a new feature or two and calling it a day. It’s going to be a full-scale remake/semi-sequel to Counter-Strike, and whether or not the pro players like it, it’s a damn good game so far. But there’s one thing I’m worried about – the lack of variety in in-game faction skins. Currently, we only have four factions in-game in total, but they’re map-limited, and they don’t really fit with the maps they’ve been placed on, seemingly arbitrarily. Sure – whatever army we may be playing with isn’t the most important thing about the game by far, but it’s still a part of it nonetheless. But don’t worry – it would seem that Valve has some good things in store for anyone who’s been worrying about all that.

The Factions And Armies Of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Community member En Ex has created an in-depth Steam Forum thread showing all of CS:GO’s possible factions and outfits, as seen in the official, Valve-made concept art found in its files. There’s 13 Terrorist factions and 13 Counter-Terrorist factions, although En Ex hasn’t managed to link one other outfits to the two in-game sides – “Entrenched”. No idea who or what they might be, or what their name might mean.

All of the faction’s names and descriptions come from either the art’s filenames, or CS:GO’s main interface localization text file. There’s a lot of variety here, though I don’t think we’ll be allowed to choose which army we’d like to play with – as each faction roughly corresponds to a different map. For instance, Office will probably pit the SWAT team against the Anarchists; Inferno will probably pit the UEI against the Basque Separatists; and so on, and so forth. Of course, not all the outfits seen here will appear in the game. However, the ones that will appear may very well have full voice acting – and I can’t wait to hear all the different accents Valve will have to cram in there.

Overall, kudos to En Ex for putting this together, and kudos to Valve for coming up with some great ideas and art for these little guys. Looking forward to seeing ’em in-game! Don’t forget to check out the thread itself.


  1. Hey, just saw this now. Glad people enjoyed it!

  2. Totally out off topic (i seriously need to know how to contact to you guys through e-mail) again, but ive heard that there will be a new Portal 2 DLC reveal on the next GTTV.

  3. If you watch the CS:GO reveal trailer, you’ll see that there are more factions in CS:GO than there are in any of the previous counter-strikes. Don’t worry about it, I’m sure there are going to be plenty of different factions.

  4. Where are Spetsnaz and Midwest Militia?

  5. GSG-9, SAS and GIGN are elementary for all CS games. Love to see them returning in CS GO.

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