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The Evolution of DE_Train

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Who won the Oscars this year? I don’t remember, but what I do know is: if these guys would have just waited a week or two for us to finish our second entry in the Evolution of Counter-Strike series, we’d have probably won it. Hands down. We just released it, though. I’m waiting on my Oscar, AMPAS – send it over to 250 52nd Street.

The Evolution of DE_Train

A sequel of sorts to our “Evolution of Dust and Dust 2” video comparison from last year; “Evolution of Train” is a video comparison of CS 1.6, CS:S and CS:GO’s renditions of the classic DE_Train map. It’s 3 minutes and a half long, and it dissects the map using high-resolution screenshots of 18 different points of view in the level itself, using some really classy (and funky) Counter-Strike music. Check it out:

Since this is a series, maybe we’d be eligible for an Emmy instead. Whatever we do or don’t win, we’ll be releasing more of these as soon as Valve introduces new maps to the beta. Nuke or Inferno might be next (perhaps even the new map, Lake), depending on what Valve decide to do.

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  1. Very cool seeing what has become of de_train. I was running around it for the first time in CS:GO the other day it brought back a flood of memories. Really happy to see people still playing my map.


  2. Because Doom 3 was dim, and everyone hated that.

  3. CSS is more colorfulness then CSGO… :S Why?

  4. Hot dog, I live within 3 miles of you. You really shouldn’t give out personal info, Vic…

    Also, great looking video.

  5. Really cool. The new take on de_train looks quite amazing!

  6. Not so bright, that’s the only difference I found.

  7. This is just great,although I don’t really play CS:s but I will love playing this.

  8. de_dust, now de_fog.

  9. Good vid and nice Batman reference. 😉

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