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TF2: Saxxy Awards – Final Nominees Announced (And The Double Drop Rate Week)

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After a couple of manly wrestling battles at Valve HQ (well, we can’t really confirm that), the final nominees for the TF2 Saxxy Awards have been selected.

TF2: Saxxy Awards – Final Nominees Announced (And The Double Drop Rate Week)

There’s 10 finalists in each of the 20 categories. You can only vote for one of them, although you can change your vote right up until voting ends, on Monday, June 6th, at 11:00 am PST.

And there’s also Double Drop Week! Starting June 3rd (which may or may not have passed depending on your time zone), you’ll get twice as many TF2 items.

Thanks to Chemical Alia for allowing us to use her fanart as the feature image!

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  1. I think most of my drops are taken up after I forgot to turn the computer off yestoday.

    Will they reset?

    • I’m not sure. Depends on what the drop cap currently is. But no, generally, drops do not reset in the middle of a week. You have to wait for the next week for your drops to reset.

  2. Meet the Medic soon, I hope.

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