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PlanetPhillip News: CrossbowVille Released, NewBlackMesaVille Mapping Competition Started, And More

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Erebus here, folks, letting you all know about some of the new updates over at PlanetPhillip, including the release of another one of his Ville mappacks, and the announcement of a new one!

PlanetPhillip News: CrossbowVille Released, NewBlackMesaVille Mapping Competition Started, And More

First off, if you’ve been watching the CrossbowVille mapping competition, you’d know that… it’s over! The CrossbowVille mappack release comes with the three entrants’ maps (“Diminutive Strife” by Justin “SneakySpeckMan” Carlton; “Cognition” by Jacob Heywood; and “The Coriolis Effect” by VoEC), which all have their pros and their cons. Phillip lets us know about a possible issue:

It seems that if you haven’t finished all the chapters in Episode Two (and maybe HL2 and EP1 if you have them installed), then only one or two of the chapters will be unlocked. You can edit a configuation file if you want, but that can get messy. The maps are in order of ascending size.

That’s not all though. Mappers, ready your Hammers! A new mapping competition has just been announced: NewBlackMesaVille is going back to the classics: GoldSource! Mapping for GoldSrc is often a headache, but with diligence come great results. Still, if you really don’t want to mess with GoldSrc again, Phillip’s going to announce another Source mapping competition in April.

For those of you with the patience (and the love for the classics, am I right), you are to create a map set in Black Mesa, but using as many new textures as you can. You’ll want to focus on action and exploration, as well as giving it that classic Black Mesa feel. New, original areas are preferred, but remember that it’ll have to feel like Black Mesa! Size doesn’t matter here, and be sure to apply polish as much as you can. The deadline for the competition is 10AM GMT, on the 2nd of April. All entries will be featured in the mappack, but only one will win the prize. More details can be found on the NewBlackMesaVille page.

Hold up, wait a minute, and put a little extra dose of Half-Life in it! PlanetPhillip is also doing a Jolly January giveaway for Half-Life Complete (every single Half-Life game ever released, plus Team Fortress Classic). All he asks is that you comment on the Jolly January post and are a member of PlanetPhillip’s Steam group. Do those two things, and you have a chance to win HL: Complete. So you’ll be ready when HL3 comes out… god knows when.

PlanetPhillip has been near and dear to the Half-Life community for many years, and as the site becomes more popular, its costs (in the form of server requirements) increase also. If we want the great site to stay, we’ve got to help support it. If you’ve got some extra cash, why not chip in to support a great website? More details in there, so take a look! And remember: every penny counts!

On a lighter note, the site has an updated theme! Everything is looking great, and there are a few more changes to come over the next few months. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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