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ORION: Source Goes Open Source

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No pun intended, I’d imagine, although the ModDB post’s title is a bit risque.

ORION: Source Goes Open Source

ORION: Source, the free Source mod that serves as a sort of prequel or demo to Spiral Games’ ORION: Prelude, is now open source. What is included in this release? None other than the mod’s source code, as well as its materials and models. The source code itself is rather dated, so there are a few bugs, but it works.

This is an unorganized, 1.4 GB release. A few assets are missing, but the team has promised that if they find any additional content, they will release that as well. So, if you’re interested with working with ORION: Source’s source code (yet again, no pun intended), head over to ModDB.


  1. What’s the source for this information?

    Okay… I know this joke was stupid, you can punch me in the shoulder for that.

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