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News Roundup #47

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Ah, 47. Just like the chrome-dome killer from the Hitman series. I wish we were just as precise and efficient in terms of writing as he was in terms of… well, killing people.

News Roundup #47

Valve Developer Community Upgraded

Could it be related to the news of the Source SDK going free?

PlanetPhillip – StriderVille Released, and More

The giveaway is already up to Day 5, so be sure to keep an eye on the site!

Portal 2 – ThinkingWithPortals Summer Mapping Initiative Completed

I have tried out a few of these maps, and they are amazing!

Steam Summer Camp Sale Has Begun!

As a reminder, Day 2 of the sale has begun, with new deals and summer camp achievements! Check out the Summer Sale Steam Group’s new announcement for more information.

Source SDK To Become Completely Free

This may mean we’ll get all of our beloved Source mods for free, without requiring any game at all!

Final Sequence

I will be going away this coming Monday, and I will only return in one week’s time. I won’t have any PC access, but I will try to take care of the site to the best of my abilities, and you’ll always have my fine co-writers!

Thanks for reading!

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