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News Roundup #38

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Something else that should have been released last week. Excuse the delay.

Our normal scheduling should resume shortly, and will hopefully not become a trainwreck again.

News Roundup #38

Who are the Two Guys in the Valve Intro?

Two completely random people, apparently. Just like Eli’s model!

Ever Wonder What Valve’s Snack Bar Is Like?

Any cake? What about potatoes?

Gabe Talks About His 3 Favorite Games Of All Time

Interesting choices!

ORION: Source… Open Source… Source Code… source source source

Lots of sources.

Factum Solus: Episode Two – Teaser Trailer Released

Looking good! Let’s hope for a summer release.

Final Sequence

Again, sorry for all the weird scheduling issues. We’ll try to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Good work, shame about all the delays though.

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