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“Mari0” Released – Bringing Portal And Super Mario Together Into One Game… Including Hats And Level Editors

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Exterminating Koopa Troopers isn’t a very challenging activity for Mario – but imagine how much easier it would be if he had some more advanced technology at his disposal. And I’m not talking mushrooms and fire flowers, I’m talking portal devices and grav guns. However, until we set Mario up with a Tau cannon or a Displacer, he’ll have to make do wi- What’s that? Someone gave Mario a portal gun? They made a video game about it?

“Mari0” Released – Bringing Portal And Super Mario Together Into One Game… Including Hats And Level Editors

And what a video game it is! “Mari0” is one hell of a game, I’ll give you that. It’s a complete, high-fidelity recreation of the original Super Mario… except this time, Mario gets a portal gun. And 33 hats to choose from. And a host of graphical shaders, gameplay customizers, funky cheats, extra level packs, and a level editor. Even if you’re not much into Mario, this is definitely worth checking out. Let’s let the trailer do the talking:

Now that is absolutely awesome. Head over to the official Mari0 webpage for more info, screenshots, and download links. It works on Windows, Mac, and yes, even Linux. They’ve also got the source code up for download, in case you want to make this thing even cooler than it already is – by adding beards or something. Apart from the entirety of the original Super Mario Brothers, you’ve also got two Portal-themed mappacks provided with the game itself. Post-release updates are a given, as you can send in your custom-made mappacks (that you cook up in the terrific level editor) at “mappack[AT]”, for a chance for your work to get included in future updates – and we might just see online co-op later in the year. Here’s hoping we also get hat updates.

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  1. Pretty fun. I hope more Portal style mappacks are made.

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