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L4D: July 1st Update

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Including yet another featured Mutation and some interesting community poll results.

L4D: July 1st Update

Lone Gunman
You and your Magnum against the deadly horde and Boomers.
So you have your Magnum pistol and… well you do have your Magnum pistol. You better be counting bullets because four swipes by a common and you are dead. Getting boomed? Forget about it.

At least you’ve got a Magnum. That thing will kill anything in one shot. Now to the poll results. The poll from two weeks back asked players how they follow L4D2.

If you are on the PC or Mac:

Facebook Only 4%
Twitter Only 2%
Steam Forums Only 36%
Facebook/Twitter/Steam 5%
Facebook/Twitter 1%
Facebook/Steam 16%
Twitter/Steam 4%
None of the above 32%

Another way to look at it is 26% PC/Mac players use Facebook, 12% use Twitter, 61% use the Steam forums and 32% use none of those ways.

 So what this means that the vast majority of folks visit the Steam Forums, which is understandable. The other majority uses social networks to stay updated. And the other majority uses other means of keeping informed. What could these be? I’d say among these other means are, chiefly, fansites, such as ourselves, and other fan-created media. The mainstream gaming mass-media may also represent some of these other means.

Let’s check out the Xbox results.

If you are on the 360:

Facebook Only 22%
Twitter Only 2%
Steam Forums Only 9%
Facebook/Twitter/Steam 6%
Facebook/Twitter 5%
Facebook/Steam 7%
Twitter/Steam 1%
None of the above 48%

That means 40% Xbox 360 players use Facebook, 14% use Twitter, 23% use the Steam forums and 48% use none of those ways.

Less people who use the Steam forums, more people who use social networks. Seems predictable, but there’s even more people who use these other means of staying informed, which is surprising.

If we combine the communities – they are about the same size – 33% use Facebook, 14% use Twitter, and 43% use the Steam Forums and 40% use none of these. These numbers do not include the non-votes and only include players who read the blog so the – none of these – option is probably much larger. We have some work to do…

So there’s a LOT of people who use indirect means of keeping updated on L4D. Do some of these people use our site? Well, we certainly hope so. This week’s poll is:

Movie Fan?
Have you ever watched a Left 4 Dead 1 or 2 inspired live action video on YouTube?

There’s a lot of these, actually. We’ve been meaning to make a large article in which we featured the very best ones. We’re still working on it, of course, but there are a lot of these things!

Next Wednesday?
Check back next Wednesday for a special update. We are going to need your help…

Ooh! Interesting. Perhaps an update on the DLC package? Who knows?

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