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Half-Life 2: Wars Antlion Multiplayer

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The LG dirigible has been awfully quiet over the last few days, probably because I realized I’m the only one up here. I thought Alex’s instructions were to purchase a company blimp, but Boss and Vic are working from the office waaaaayy down there. You know what that means?

BLIMP PARTY! And Half-Life 2: Wars news…

Half-Life 2: Wars Antlion Multiplayer

The mod originally released about two years ago, and since then, the team has been working on general technical and gameplay improvements. The lag issue with many units on-screen at once should be improved. The current focus is on antlions, and I’m genuinely interested to see how things turn out.

A top-down camera and standard RTS elements, such as a minimap, unit ability selector, and fog of war have already made their way into the mod. The team confirmed a September release, so hopefully you can wait a month to send hordes of antlions to an untimely end.

Read the ModDB news post here.


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  2. Oh my god. This is awesome.

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