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Going Skydiving With Portal’s Sentry Turret

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Released on the 21st of March, ThinkGeek’s Life-Sized Inflatable Portal Turret is… well, precisely what it says on the tin. It presumably sold like hot cakes, because people are crazy for whatever has Portal written all over it. But that doesn’t mean buyers haven’t put it to good use. While it seems to be designed for use in water, it also seems to work just as well in… the air.

Going Skydiving With Portal’s Sentry Turret

AlMeister112 seems to love skydiving. He also seems to love Portal, because he… well, went skydiving with an inflatable sentry turret. Take a look:

Chalk another one up for the fanbase! However, do not chalk one up for the Sentry Turrets, because decreased air pressure at that height resulted in one of the jumpers losing hold of the poor Turret at 1:13, and as a result, it is now stranded somewhere in the Arizona desert. If only Valve had decided to place Black Mesa in Arizona – at least the Turret would have then had some company.


  1. Good thing to test the long fall boots.

  2. I’m suprised he managed to hold to it for that long :L

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