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Ever Wonder What Valve’s Snack Bar is Like?

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Now, you can see for yourself!

Ever Wonder What Valve’s Snack Bar is Like?

This video appears to date from 2009 (as Erik Wolpaw, in an e-mail exchange with a fan, stated that he hasn’t seen a pink cookie for over 2 years), and it focuses on Valve’s snack bar. Because snack bars are very important for Valve’s employees, particularly when they tackle such ambitious projects as… “Ricochet: Resurrection”; “Gunman Chronicles 2” and, of course, Half-Life 2: Episode Three. Projects such as these will undoubtedly take years and years, so having a large snack bar really is ideal.

Okay, okay, seriously now, snack bars are important for game company employees, and judging from this video, Valve is certainly taking them seriously. Just look at all of that food. Jesus Christ. Note that this is their old snack bar, from their second HQ. They moved into their third one some time around March of last year.

We don’t know who created this video, but it may have been done as a Seattle high school project of some sort. Gabe, Marc Laidlaw, and Erik Wolpaw are all interviewed and questioned about Valve’s vast snack bar. Find out Erik Wolpaw’s ingenious plan to ensure other developers do not steal his butter. The man wrote Psychonauts, so you can imagine it’s a brilliant plan. He also tells us that his favorite snack is this giant pink cookie which has like 7000 calories in it. I’d imagine it takes 50,000 years to get through the human digestive system, which is, incidentally, the time that passes between Portal 1 and Portal 2. Marc Laidlaw also talks about Valve’s early snack bars, and compares them to today’s snack bars.

Check the video out:

Great stuff. I’m sure even more people now want to go work at Valve. I mean, just look at that stuff. How can the employees develop any games with all that food just lying around in plain sight?


  1. lol a week for eating a cockie

  2. I wonder where they keep all the cake.

  3. I love how Erik keeps his serious face 😀

  4. Huh, that is pretty neat.

    And it makes me sad to hear that working at Double Fine was dreadful for Erik. :/

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