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Delay of Game – 2003 Flash Film

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Ah, 2003. It was a great time, when everyone was still developing and playing HL1 mods. And then, in May 2003, it was a great time, when everyone and their dog was waiting for HL2 after a stellar E3 presentation that left everyone stunned. And with a release date of September 30th, who wouldn’t be waiting?

Delay of Game – 2003 Flash Film

Of course, that all changed on July 29th, when Vivendi announced that HL2 would be delayed to the holidays season. Of course, Valve did not agree (for whatever reason), and insisted that the game would ship on September 30th.

Aaand on September 21st, they finally announced it would be delayed. A few weeks later, Axel Gembe leaked HL2’s source code, a full playable version of HL2 onto the net, among other things. Needless to say, a massive shitstorm began. However, that shitstorm brought us one of the best Half-Life based Flash films EVER. That and numerous 2003 sexposes. And Fragmaster left PHL.

Delay of Game was made at Planet Half-Life to portray the events that took place up to and during the great year of 2003. This masterful presentation of the greatest disaster in the history of gaming will leave your jaw hanging wide open for 2.5 minutes after it’s ENDED. Enjoy.

Also check out a spinoff of it, featuring an interview with Gordon Freeman himself!

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