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No More Room in Hell 1.09 Released

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This 1 year anniversary release builds right off of the 1.08 released back in August. National Guard zombies, animated medical items, and more await!

No More Room in Hell 1.09 Released

When I first played No More Room in Hell (back in the days of it being a source mod), I was surprised at how much work had been done at that point. When the title reached Steam via GreenLight, I was shocked. Now still, the team behind No More Room in Hell pushes out free updates to fans.

With it’s first complete year on Steam, 3 million downloads, and 3 years of enjoyment comes the 1.09 patch. The team behind the free title on Steam released it just moments ago. Major changes include:

  • National Guard zombies
  • Animated medical items
  • A built-in vote menu
  • Updated 2013 SDK code
  • Radio menus for third-party plugins

For all the small, technical and other background changes, you can see the update notice posted by the team for more information.

More information on the previous patch can be viewed with the 1.08 release article.

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