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Mappers, start your engines! announces three new mapping competitions

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It’s been a while since the last trio of “Ville” mapping competitions ended over at (Beginning, Middle and End Ville) and Phillip has been busy collecting feedback about the events and making changes to enhance future competitions. The competitions charge level designers with creating a single player Half-Life 2 level in a set time period which Phillip then packs up into a handy mod for everyone to download and play. The freshly announced 3×10 mapping competition, with three separate competitions running for ten days each, will start on the 11th October 2013. Details after the jump…

Mappers, start your engines! announces three new mapping competitions

The article, which went live today, discusses dates for all three competitions and lists the rules that all entries have to abide by:

All competitions will be announced at 6:30am GMT and the deadline will be 11:59pm GMT on the dates below.

Competition 1: 11th – 20th October 2013
Competition 2: 15th – 24th November 2013
Competition 3: 13th – 22nd December 2013

Each start date is a Friday and the deadline is a Sunday.

The time limit is shorter than the last set of competitions that the site ran and each subsequent competition will have no links to the previous one, unlike the previous three *Ville mapping competitions, which required authors to continue on from their last entry in the new competition.

The full article with all the information, rules and prize details can found over at Planet Phillip.

The smaller scale of the competition and the lack of cross-over between each event makes entering a much easier prospect, especially for newer level designers or those who cannot dedicate a huge amount of time to a project due to life’s commitments. If you have had the level design itch for a while but needed a goal to work towards then the 3×10 mapping competition should be exactly what you are looking for!

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