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Find the exit in Fredrick Nordstrom’s “Exit” for Half-Life 2 Episode 2

Modding & Development Half-Life

Released in July of this year, “Exit” by Fredrick Nordstrom is a somewhat scatter shot map release for Half-Life 2 Episode 2. This series of maps tries out a lot of different ideas in a very short space of time and while some are pulled off with some success, others definitely end up hurting the overall experience.

You can download the level from

You will need to delete the mods gameinfo.txt (located in /Steam/SteamApps/SourceMods/Exit) and then rename the included gameinfo-steampipe.txt to gameinfo.txt in order to get the mod to load correctly as it was released before Valves SteamPipe update to the Half-Life series.


  1. What really struck me was that every wooden crate can be destroyed and then you’re trapped. That’s very bad, and I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned.

    Great, now I’m watching all these level design videos… can’t say they’re not interesting.

  2. It’s beautiful. It’s georgeus. GJ. Finally LambdaGen is back.

  3. This was a good video Daz, plus I love your avatar for some reason.

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