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Early Beta Released for Doom Inspired Mod ‘Brutal Half-Life’

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Incase the original Half-Life wasn’t gory enough, ‘Brutal Half-Life‘ is an upcoming Goldsrc mod which attempts to add even more blood, gore and gibs to Gordon’s quest through Black Mesa.

Inspired by the award-winning Doom modification ‘Brutal Doom‘, the community developed Half-Life mod was released as a first beta (version 0.1).

As the name suggests, the mod attempts to brutalize the experience of the original Half-Life by adding details such as:

  • Increased enemy dismemberment
  • New death animations
  • Custom gibs
  • Better blood sprites and decals
  • Enhanced effects, such as  explosions, smoke, light effects, etc
  • Improved AI
  • New weapon sound effects

The mod also incorporates new gameplay features such as a kick melee, secondary weapon attack ability and a damage skills system.

Also, did anyone say BFG?

Also, did anyone say BFG?

So far the mod has received a 10/10 rating on ModDB and has seen some positive attention from the Doom and Half-Life communities alike. So if you are in the mood for some gore intensified Half-Life, or just wanting to unleash your inner psychopath, this could be the mod for you.

You can download Brutal Half-Life and find more about the beta release over on ModDB.

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Reported by Sandvich18, Edited by Alex

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  1. When the scientist looses his glasses when hit with the crowbar <3 – a must try!

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