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Community Spotlight: Spooktacular Special!

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Hello and Happy Halloween!

For this week’s Community Spotlight we thought we would share some of the Halloween creations from around the community. Unlike usual though, we are going to be dynamically updating this post from now till the end of the week with anything sent in.

Community Spotlight: Spooktacular Special!

If you want to share your stuff with us, you can either email creations [at] or just Tweet us, Facebook us or use our Tumblr-Submit page.

Lambda Pumpkin by CrowbarSka:

Wake up and smell the pumpkin

Wake up and smell the pumpkin


Another Lambda Pumpkin by itsmewallis:


Yet another by thealmightyshoe on Tumblr:


This insanely detailed carving of Lamarr the heacrab with the HL2 logo was done by DeviantArt user ravenousdarkhart. Trying to carve a 3D creature into solid pumpkin flesh has gotta be hard, but this has been pulled off perfectly.

Half Life Halloween by ravenousdarkhart

Half Life Halloween by ravenousdarkhart


As you may expect, the Lambda logo is a popular symbol for Valve-fan pumpkin carving:

Half-Life Pumpkin by HmcdlNny

Half-Life Pumpkin by HmcdlNny

This one above was created by DeviantArt user ‘HmcdlNny‘. One of the troubles with the Half-Life Lambda logo is its circularity, which prevents an entire circle from being cut, so notches are needed to keep it in shape.


Below is another by ‘Kireek’, which apparently won 2nd place in NSider2‘s 2010 Pumpkin Carving Contest:


Lambda logo pumpkin by Kireek


Finally here’s one I found when searching around. I couldn’t find the name of the creator but this one, unlike the others somehow managed to carve the entire Lambda ring hollow.



Moving onto Portal, here are two incredibly detailed pumpkin carvings from the Joystiq pumpkin carving competition:

Michael's Portal pumpkins

Michael’s Portal pumpkins

Below is another pumpkin from the competition by Cory Knapp of a faithful companion cube! It seemed though that this one either rotted or was turned into soup rather than being euthanized.

Cory's Knapp's Weighted Companion Cube pumpkin

Cory’s Knapp’s Weighted Companion Cube pumpkin Halloween Costume Contest are currently running a costume contest for Halloween, offering you the chance to win a copy of Bioshock and Bioshock 2 with the Minerva’s Den DLC. As you’d expect, your submission needs to be Valve related.

To enter, you need to submit a photo of yourself wearing the costume to [email protected] (as an attachment) as well as info of your name, age, date of the photo, contact details and permission to use the photo on’s site and Facebook.

For more info, check 5:15 of this video:

Remember to send anything our way if you want to be featured on this post!

Team Fortress 2 Scream Fortress 2013

The annual ‘Scream Fortress’ event is now live. Check out Emil’s coverage of the event here.


You can share your (Valve and Halloween related) stuff with us by emailing creations [at] or by just Tweet usFacebook us or Tumblr-Submit to us.

Oh, also we may try to put our Garry’s Mod server on some Gmod Horror maps tonight, that is, if we are not all consumed by the Scream Fortress event (Click here to checkout Emil’s article on this).


Happy Halloween!

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  1. Happy Halloween!

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