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Rare Russian/Ukrainian HL2 Leak Bubblegum

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The 2003 Half-Life 2 leak caused ripples in not only the community, but the world as a whole. It shaped our community into what it is today, yadda yadda, and more importantly, it allowed the creation of the world’s first Half-Life bubblegum.

Using content and screenshots from the leak itself on its packaging, this Russian/Ukrainian bubblegum seems to have been created sometime in early-mid 2004. Check out a community-made video showing its ground-breaking opening, after the jump.

And apparently, it doesn’t actually taste as well as you’d imagine (which, considering it’s 6 years old… might not actually be that well) With this kind of stale marketing, XANO-NANO 2 must have been a pretty underrated game.


  1. This would’ve been the most popular gum based off a video game ever…

    Now it’s just a rare collector’s item.

  2. Still looking for this

  3. Too late, You know, It was on the forums, YouTube and even Steam HL2 news a long time ago.

  4. I want some!

  5. Oh i’ve seen that earlier 😀 What do you expect from russians 😀

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