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Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Articles posted during Thursday November 10th 2011

A Message From Gabe Newell Regarding the Steam User Forum Intrusion


On the morning of the 7th of November, we reported on a network intrusion that had taken place in the Steam User Forums. Details remained sketchy, but the forums had been defaced and we could only assume that the hackers had gained access to forum users’ account information.  At the time, we believed the situation couldn’t get much worse. But the forums have been down for 4 days now – could the situation be worse than we believed?

As it turns out, it may be. The following is a message from Gabe Newell himself regarding the intrusion, which, apparently, was not limited to the Steam Forums. This message is currently being IM’d to the entire Steam user base, it will appear in your Update News, and it can also be found on the Forums themselves.