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Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Articles posted during Tuesday January 4th 2011

Valve Defends Their Release Schedules


In an interview with CVG that actually originated in Xbox World 360 Magazine, Doug Lombardi answers one of the most important Valve-related questions of all time.

What the hell is up with these release schedules?

Or in layman’s terms: “why is valve time so crazy lol”.

Pirates, Vikings and Knights II – Beta 2.4 Released


Pirates, Vikings and Knights II is a multiplayer Source total conversion. As you can tell, you can play as either a pirate, viking, or knight. Ninjas and samurai are missing in action, unfortunately.

Featuring a unique and fun-to-use melee combat system, PVKII has an active playerbase behind it.

Just this Christmas, the new Beta 2.4 was released.

Episode Three Grabs 2nd Place, Black Mesa Snags 4th At Wired’s 2010 Vaporware Awards


Wired Magazine’s Vaporware Awards are legendary. Rewarding the best software or hardware that simply went *poof* and was never seen again. They’ve been doing it every year since 1997 (technically, 1996).

Most associate the Vaporware Awards with Duke Nukem Forever, as it has made it on the list almost every single year, topped the list numerous times, and got a “Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2003.

But Valve is no stranger to the Vaporware Awards. Team Fortress 2 has appeared several times, CS: Condition Zero once got a dishonorable mention, and Half-Life 2 topped the list in 2003.

Last year, Black Mesa popped up on 4th place.

Well, it’s that time of the year again, and as you can see…