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Articles related to Team Fortress 2

Possible Team Fortress 2 Invasion Update Leaked

Team Fortress

This has been an exciting week for Team Fortress 2! First the Gun Mettle Update launched on July 2nd, bringing with it a whole new classification of weapon cosmetics, more bugfixes than the rest of 2015 combined, and an entire contract system that is definitely laying the groundwork for the reported upcoming competitive matchmaking system. Now, we’ve got a number of clues that point to a possible alien invasion update coming.

Playing Medic in Team Fortress 2


When I’m the team’s Medic, I have a golden rule for choosing which teammates to heal:

All heal targets are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

Unlike other classes who can remain effective even without a clue as to how capable their teammates are, the Medic is wholly dependent on his teammates being able to intelligently use his heals to accomplish objectives, kill teammates and keep the medic himself alive. And that’s going to require the Medic to serve as something of an arbiter, judging his teammates and deciding who gets special treatment. It is impossible to play Medic and heal everyone equally, as much as our altruistic natures impel us to.

Valve’s Economist Is Now The Financial Minister of Greece


Anyone remember that economist Valve hired back in 2012?

Yanis Varoufakis was always a big name in international economics, with a number of successful books and a popular blog on the subject, but he first appeared under the gaming communities’ radar when he became Valve’s own economist-in-residence, acting as a private consultant for the company.

Well, Varoufakis was recently elected the new Financial Minister of Greece.

A Love Letter to Team Fortress Classic’s Escape Mode

Team Fortress

As far as I know, “Escape” mode never made it to TF2 in any fashion, so whenever I get the urge for it, I crank up Team Fortress Classic and play with its healthy repertoire of Escape maps available. Also (unlike the TFC proper servers in my area) it still has a healthy playerbase today, which I link to at the end of this article and anyone who wants can go play even now.

At its core, the Escape mode is a cooperative game mode with only one team, composed entirely of Civilians. Together, your cadre of umbrella-wielding dudes tries to navigate a hazardous map of puzzles, pitfalls, and other perils to safety.

End of the Line is Here!

Team Fortress

End of the Line is the second fully community-created update for Team Fortress 2. Helmed by James McVee, one of the pre-eminent Source Filmmaker directors, this update comes with new cosmetics, a key to unlock those EotL crates that have been dropping for some time, a mysterious duck birdemic, and the 14-minute eponymous video!

Sadly, it does not come with cp_snowplow; the map was cut at the last minute because Valve thought it was too confusing for new players. But as a community-created update, End of the Line is a great sign. Valve has expressed their interest in working with the community to keep updates coming even as Valve finds themselves increasingly distracted with newer IPs like Dota 2. Not to mention we’re likely going to get a Smissmas update before the year is out, there look to be good things on the horizon.

Check out the update for yourself!

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