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Possible Team Fortress 2 Invasion Update Leaked

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This has been an exciting week for Team Fortress 2! First the Gun Mettle Update launched on July 2nd, bringing with it a whole new classification of weapon cosmetics, more bugfixes than the rest of 2015 combined, and an entire contract system that is definitely laying the groundwork for the reported upcoming competitive matchmaking system. Now, we’ve got a number of clues that point to a possible alien invasion update coming.

Possible Team Fortress 2 Invasion Update Leaked

A video showcasing a pretty convincing update trailer was leaked to Youtube tonight. It was almost immediately made private, but some people downloaded it and mirrors are now up:

This reinforces a number of other hints that have been dropped over the years, the most notable being a Robotic Bogaloo-style medley of space-themed hats and weapons, anumber of other hints added to the Steaam Workshop, including the contest-winning map koth_probed and pd_watergate, which introduces an entirely new game mode.

Now of course, this is all hearsay and rumor. We might just be getting a well-hyped Community Update. At the very least, TF2 Invasion will finally refer to something other than that failed pre-release design concept that inspired the Proof of Purchase.

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