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Stock Up On These Portal 2 Long Fall Socks

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Stock Up On These Portal 2 Long Fall Socks

Been considering… stocking… up on your geek apparel? Looking to attract a male or female… candidate… for your life? Wanting to… test… the geek prowess of your significant other?

Look no further for J!NX, renowned for its gaming and geek clothing products, have recently been selling pairs of Portal 2 Long Fall Socks, and while currently out of stock, are expected to be back in stock soon. Additionally, they have also been selling some Portal 2 Inter-Spatial Portal Earrings, two earrings depicting the entry and exit points of a portal, and a Portal 2 Stalemate Pendant Necklace, shaped after a personality core.


  1. *Drools* Such stockings on a girl… That wo- Oh crap my pants.

  2. No one’s spotted the forever alone face? :<

  3. Sexah

  4. Im buying those for my girlfriend.

  5. Looks all very….cheesy. I wouldn’t buy any of these. Even though I’m a guy 😀

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