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I’m working on it!

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So, you may have heard Vic and I mention an ‘update’ to the website a while ago and you may be wondering what exactly it is all about, well, I will be explaining it in some more detail here.

I’m working on it!

If you’ve read any of my previous posts you probably saw how bad my ‘Engrish’ is, so I’m just going to get to the point:

(And yes, Vic helped me write that witty bit of text)

Also I should mention everything here is currently all in development, so things can and may very well change.

What is being added?

1- A new subsite/section, for now we are temporarily code-naming it ‘Underground Railroad’ (the City 17 canal resistance hideout network from HL2). This will basically allow anyone to create a mini-site/profile page for their own or someone else’s Valve related project (for example a Machinima series). The aim is simply to allow users’ work to obtain exposure and user feedback through an accessible system, to accomplish this we will regularly feature work on the main site and add social sharing buttons, for example ‘Tweet this’. We would like it to become  a sort of library of all the Valve fan creations ever made. Everything will be sorted and categorised, content will be moderated before release and ensured that the correct credit and references are given (if it’s not your own work). Users will be able to customise and edit the majority of the page design, incorporate YouTube videos, external images and hyperlinks and write updates.

Here’s a few ideas of some profiles that could and we hope would be created:  Machinima video or series e.g. EDJE’s work, Fan-Artwork gallery e.g. Chemical Alia’s DeviantArt work (bottom-center), A Valve community site e.g. Steamcast (below-right), An in-game model pack or modification, eg. Further-Data by WaqWarrior, A script or piece of writing eg. Ghosts of Black Mesa by Laguna Company, Other Media e.g. Half-Life – The Brick Way by Berntsen (below-left).

Half-Life the Brickway by Berntsen Headcrab zombie portrait by Chemical Alia Headcrab zombie portrait by Chemical Alia

These are just a few of the awesome Valve creations I’ve seen. Perhaps you haven’t heard of some of these, or perhaps you have! But there are quite a few others you and I have almost certainly not heard of, which is why this new subsite of LambdaGeneration will exist, so you can get your work recognised by the community.

2- A new login system to the site, we’re planning on having it work though the Steam OpenID. This will make logging in and sending feedback much easier, without the need for any registration, and providing any details you wouldn’t really like to pass around, such as your e-mail address. You will be able to change some of your LambdaGeneration profile details such as ‘favorite: game, bio’ etc. but we will use your Steam nickname and avatar. This will allow us to remove all anti-spam features so that you can post things quicker and easier. If you don’t have Steam or choose not to use its OpenID login, you can, of course, still comment, however we will be making a stricter spam filter that you will have to pass.

3- A new About page featuring everyone who works on the site, contributed or has just supported us in general.

4- Better contact methods for users to send in news articles or work for potential guest posts.

What is being modified?

1- The general design of the site will be altered, just some cleanups to the sidebar and header.

2- The categories will be sorted out, more organised and easier to navigate around. I have an idea about incorporating a mini colour scheme that connections the logo colours to different Valve games (for example Opposing Force to green).

3- Improved partnership and more integration with fellow community sites like Steamcast, PlanetPhillip, Podcast17 etc.

4- The tagline ‘Valve Community Content and News’ and website description could be improved.

5- Improvements and upgrades to the editing control pannel and general backend tweaks.

What is being removed?

1- The forums. Right now it’s like a ghost town in our forums, I’m not too sure what to do yet, if the new ‘Underground Railroad’ project develops well, we may just get rid of the forums and stick with post comments and Underground Railroad entries. Otherwise we may keep them running for general discussion, WIP and suggestions.

2- The PlanetPhillip poll of the week has been removed recently. Unfortunately, when I was busy, I failed to update the poll frequently, I have talked to Phillip and we can arrange a better way of integrating it.

When can we expect all of this?

Right now everyone is fairly busy with exams and work however when the summer break arrives around July we will be working to get this up and running for August. We know, we’ve been talking about this since October, but what started out as a small update soon turned into an opportunity to add some long-requested features, and throw in some surprises.

Comments and feedback are welcome, this is all just under work at the moment.

Thanks to Vic for being my new English tutor, also thanks to Waq for capturing the feature image. GoldSource forever!

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  1. Any new openings for editorial, or any place I can help with?

  2. Is this still being worked on or is this site dead?


  4. Will be great to have one place for all the awesome Valve stuff on the web. Keep up the hard work!

  5. Who’s this EDJE guy? He seems charming, and very attractive.

  6. This all sounds pretty cool. Can’t wait to see it happen!

  7. A really awesome update is coming.

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