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Half-Life Generation Unboxing!

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I recently won this partially-used boxed copy of Half-Life Generation on ebay. It contains the original versions of Half-Life and Opposing force as well as a special edition T-Shirt which has a nice design to it.

Half-Life Generation Unboxing!

Here is a quick video I made when it arrived which features a brief tour though the contents of the individual items.

Now to try and adjust my shelf layout to get this awesome collection on display.

Also I apologize to Vic as he was also trying to get his hands on this item but was beaten to it on the buying page!

GoldSource FTW!

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  1. I need that shirt in M. HL1 is the only game for me.. I just need that shirt. OMFG!!!

    • It was included exclusively with this European HL: Generation bundle, which is pretty rare nowadays. Alex and I were lucky enough to get our hands on two copies. Take a look on some online stores – you might just find it.

  2. Epic.

  3. That’s awesome! 😀 I love how much HL stuff you got. Also love the ikea stuff too 😉

  4. I’ve got one of those T shirts somewhere. Maybe I’ll use it as a competition prize one day. I think I got mine, exactly like you did – via ebay.

  5. I Want it xD.
    Well thats looks awesome!

  6. Ah, don’t worry, Alex! You won it – fair and square! I was only missing the T-shirt anyway.

  7. GoldSource FTW!
    Gunman Chronicles, Ho!

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