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Artist Aram Bartholl Aims to Create a Full Scale Replica of de_dust

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Artist Aram Bartholl Aims to Create a Full Scale Replica of de_dust

For those who are veterans of Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source, imaging the layout and structure of the map ‘de_dust’ would not be a difficult task. The map, originally designed by Dave Johnston, has been a favourite in both the casual and competitive scenes of Counter-Strike, and some have shown their love for the map in real life. However, Berlin-based artist Aram Bartholl is raising the bar and hopes to build a full-scale (115 by 110 by 15 meters) replica of the map ‘de_dust’ using concrete and other materials.

According to his website, the full-scale replica will sport an art-piece in and of itself but also a museum, as he argues that “computer game architecture and game maps have become a new and yet undiscovered form of cultural heritage”. A proposal has been submitted to the Rhizome Comissions Program and is estimated to cost USD$5500, with an estimated release being Fall of 2011.


  1. imagine playing airsoft there. it will be EPIC!
    i’d tottally want to visit it.

  2. Hey Flamov!
    Nice article.

  3. Fantastic for airsoft or painball!

  4. And he’s making the big de_dust from CS1.6… (at least that what I noticed from the header image)

  5. Somebody will definitely make a CS:S movie (fanmade most likely) if this is made lol.

  6. Only $5500? For a full-scale replica!? I don’t believe he can do it that cheaply.

  7. I don’t play CS, but if this ends up being made, I’d totally want to visit it.

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