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Vae Victis – Machinima Series

Multimedia & Film Half-Life

“Vae Victis” (Latin for “Woe to the Vanquished”) is a 2009 machinima series created by Eddie Smithson and published by Machinima. Vae Victis is well written and features a fairly equal mix of action and storytelling. With great filming and effects, but a disappointing ending, Vae Victis is still definitely worth checking out. More info and the videos after the jump.

Vae Victis – Machinima Series

Vae Victis takes place some time after the events of HL2 and its Episodes. The Uprising has succeeded, the Combine have lost their grasp over Earth and life is slowly returning back to normal. However,  despite the defeat of the Combine forces, a fierce foe still remains: the Antlion swarms. Civil Protection is hastily turned into a defense army and attempts to destroy the Antlion nests are beginning. Featuring Barney as the main character, “Vae Victis” has an intense plot and even more intense action. While there were some interesting plot twists, they were ruined by the disappointing ending. Still, this is definitely worth seeing.

Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V: Exitium

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