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“Lambda Protocol” Live Action Fan Film Series Teased

Multimedia & Film Half-Life

A while back, a series titled “The Freeman Chronicles” was announced and a fundraiser was started on Indiegogo. It raised close to a third of its $75,000 goal, and donations are still available on the official website. Apart from the “Escape From City-17” shorts, this is probably one of the closest thing we’ve had to a live action Half-Life series. However, less than a month ago, CoolBrosChannel uploaded a teaser for an upcoming project.

Let’s check it out.

So what we see is the evolution chart that appears in Half-Life 2 and on… other things. In between we’re shown some footage relatable to said chart. The last bit, and probably the one most relevant to the actual thing they’re teasing, is a view of a city and a couple of Combine choppers. Without drawing any conclusions, my guess is that it shows us some part of the Seven Hours War, the events that lead to the Combine colonization of Earth.

You might be wondering what that strange language is, the one that shows up during the evolution charts, above the regular English text. It’s the same English text, only translated into Turkish. Why, you might ask? Well, the guys behind this thing supposedly are based in Turkey. And if you go over to their website, you’ll see that most of the text there is in Turkish as well.

As a final note, this series has a page on IMDb. The only date given is 2013, which means we’ll hopefully see more this year. We’ll just have to wait in order to find out.


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Thanks to Hamza Ayla for the tip!


  1. If it’s set in the Seven Hour War, they’ve already made one mistake – Hunter-Choppers were created later on as an adaptation of human technology. As such, they’re post-Seven Hour War.

    But, honestly, who cares? It looks cool. As long as they don’t completely contradict the games’ story and setting – headcrab-less zombies from another fan film, I’m looking at you -, I’m looking forward to it.

    • How do you know that? It’s mentioned on the wiki page, but I don’t see a citation for it. I guess you could conclude that based on the fact that an early version looks extremely like an earth chopper, but do you have any other sources for this?

      • I believe it’s mentioned in the “raising the bar” book valve put out after Half-Life 2 was released. The combine re-purposed a lot of human technology after they claimed the planet.

        Still, this teaser was pretty nice. Nice atmosphere in it and didn’t make me cringe like that “Raising the bar” short that machinima put out 🙂

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