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5 Great Remixes of Triage at Dawn

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Triage at Dawn (also known as ‘Suit Song’) is one of the original songs from Half-Life 2. It is heard in the retail game in the scrapyard just after you escape the Ravenholm Mines in the scene ‘Winstons been hit!’.

There are many remixes that have been made of the song, but here are five of maybe the best and most creative. There are many remixes that have been made of the song, some made of it’s most well known remix ‘Path of Borealis.’

5 Great Remixes of Triage at Dawn

Rock Version

iNexus Relaxation/Psytrance

(video removed)


Hardstyle RMX

Pooptality Version

(video removed)


  1. Yeah, Path of Borealis is pretty awesome, but it’s too well-known and too similar to the original.

  2. You forgot this one mate, perhaps one of the most relaxing songs I ever heard:

    • That’s the original Path of Borealis which is another version of Triage at Dawn, this post is remixes of Triage and Path of since they are almost the same song.

      • This whole thing is a mistake, The song is named ‘That Long Train Ride’ not ‘Path of the Borealis’, Made as a remix of ‘Triage at dawn’ (Valve) by a DJ who’s not from Valve, Accidentally Posted on a forum as ‘HL2 beta music named ‘Path of the Borealis’ which is an epic mistake that should be corrected.

        • There is a lot of confusion about the names, this post is simply just any remixes that are related. The videos are not ours so we can’t do anything about the annotations either.

        • We know that full well, but calling it “That Long Train Ride” serves to only show elitism on our part and confuse quite a few readers. “Path of the Borealis” is its most well known name, so that’s what we’ll call it.

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