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Fistful of Frags 3.0 Beta Released

Modding & Development Source

Fistful of Frags’s new release has just gone out the gates. More of a fresh start, large parts of code have been replaced and numerous things have been improved. Full changelog is after the jump.

Fistful of Frags 3.0 Beta Released

  • Linux dedicated servers are possible, top admin tools like Sourcemod and HLStatsX fully support our modification now.
  • Global statistics, notoriety based ranking. All server are able to participate in, just use HLStatsX:CE and uncomment a line in server.cfg.
  • New steamboat map: fof_robertlee. A complete new location for close combat action, refreshing map which gave us lot of fun during playtests.
  • Player movement has been reworked completely, no more stamina, sprint or reduced speed when strafing. It uses a custom movement system, transparent to player, which controls strafing/jumping and decreases overall player speed.
  • Networking and prediction derived issues as laggy movement, unusual amount of ghost hits or weapon glitches/exploits (scopes, reload, etc) has been fixed. FoF plays and feels like an official game now.
  • Few Dollars More game type, this is a reincarnation of the old mode with some substantial changes. More money chests, still quite frenzy and unpredictable.Old maps like El Paso or Presidio shine again with this mode.

For the official page and DL link, head to FoF’s official Beta 3.0 news article:

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