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Opposing Force 2 turning into a Community Collaboration! – No, it’s not cancelled.

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In case you’ve never heard of it, Opposing Force 2 is a mod that serves as a fan made sequel to the very well received Half-Life expansion, Half-Life: Opposing Force (if that weren’t obvious enough). After several years of development, people have gone through a number of phases where they ask “is this mod dead?” Only to be quelled by the developers themselves who regularly reply to posts on their ModDb page – no one ever seems to read the comments, do they? Unfortunately, the team is no longer able to work regularly on the mod, due to another project that has taken up much of their spare time. But before the internet trolls take to ModDb and other forums, they should know that Opposing Force 2 is in fact far from dead. The team still wants it to see the light of day, so they are commissioning help from the community!

Opposing Force 2 turning into a Community Collaboration! – No, it’s not cancelled.

Thanks to the wonderful site that is Github, the mod’s source code, documentation, maps, models and all other assets will be available to everyone interested and can submit they’re own assets to the developers who may integrate it into the final release. These assets range from…well, anything and everything: textures, models, animations, sounds, maps, code, etc. Everything required to finish the mod. With this method, the team will be able to finally finish this endeavor with the help of the talented members of the Source modding community.


Those who wish to contribute, but don’t know jack about modding, may do so by submitting ideas and bug reports on the Github page. Doing so will help the core team engage with the community more closely, ensuring that the mod reaches the fans’ expectations. Hopefully this doesn’t result in an over abundance of content being submitted to the team, becoming too difficult to keep track of. But the site makes things pretty easy to organize, so the decision seems like it will help this fantastic looking mod see the final release it so very much deserves.


No date for when the game will go up on Github has been announced, but the team expects it to be posted sometime before mid-July. Feel free to head on over to the ModDb page to see the announcement (and the mod itself). Lead developer, MenteR, has posted a comment on the article that makes their intentions much clearer. So go ahead and just skip to that to get a better understanding of the situation.


  1. So does anyone know what this ” another project that has taken up much of their spare time” is?

  2. I’m not really sure whether or not this is a good idea…but I suppose it’s an interesting experiment. Maybe I can put in some art design concepts or something.

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