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Contagion wins Kickstarter! A round of brains for everyone, on me!

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Zombie Panic: Source will most certainly live on as its successor, Contagion, because its Kickstarter campaign has surpassed its goal! Thankfully, Contagion has joined the ranks of the 50% of campaigns that actually succeed on Kickstarter and should be ready for release this fall. But just because the game has reached its goal, doesn’t mean the adventure’s over.

Contagion wins Kickstarter! A round of brains for everyone, on me!

For those of you who don’t know, (and if you don’t, how did you end up here?) Zombie Panic: Source was a mod of Half Life 2 released in late 2007, and the successor to the 2003 Half Life mod, Zombie Panic. A finely crafted multiplayer experience that pitted players against each other as survivors and zombies until the last person – or dead person – was left standing, Zombie-Panic: Source became a fan favorite and has held the honor of being one of the most popular Half Life 2 multiplayer mods of all time.

Contagion is being developed by key members of the original Zombie-Panic:Source team under the name of Monochrome LLC and on October 2nd, they achieved their $50,000 dollar goal after nineteen days! As of the time this article was written, the game has garnered a total of $63,137. But it doesn’t end there, Monochrome wants to go even further! If the campaign gathers a total of $75,000, they’ll be able to port the game over to Mac and Linux systems considerably sooner. $100,000 and $125,000 achievements will go towards free post-launch DLC. $150,000 will go towards “continued support, polish, and content for the future”. And a $250,000 achievement will go towards the cost of porting the game to consoles in the future.

The more this project receives, the longer and more fruitful Contagion’s life will be. The campaign closes on October 13, so how about you head over to their Kickstarter page and give them a little something so we can get this game the funding and attention it deserves. Go, go and give these talented developers your hard-earned cash and help this game become more than a great successor to an excellent mod! Throwing money at your computer screen is flattering, but not very helpful.

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  1. Really curious to see how they build upon the mechanics of Zombie Panic, tracking for sure.

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