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TF2 Saxxy Awards Show LIVE In Just a Few Hours! [Updated]

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Yes, the time has finally arrived. The true, discerning filmmakers will be separated from the casual directors who will end up filming frozen pea commercials!

TF2 Saxxy Awards Show LIVE In Just a Few Hours! [Updated]

Update: It begins! Head here for more info straight from Valve.

Tune in for the First Annual Saxxy Awards Show LIVE at 3:00PM PDT this Wednesday, June 8th! We’ll be revealing a new category winner every five minutes! That’s one hundred frantic, furious minutes of award-bestowing! As far as we know, nobody has ever attempted to hand out this many awards in so short a time.

Now, I’m no good at math. That’s probably why I do writing. But apparently this is in a couple of hours, maybe even one hour so… wow. Uhh… get ready!

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  1. Live via what??

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