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TF2: Public Voting For The Next Dr. Grordbort Item Pack; And The Scout Gets His Very Own Boombox

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The Doctor Grordbort item packs have brought new life to Team Fortress 2, at the cost of art style purity. Based on WETA Workshop’s wacky line of steampunk gizmos, we’ve had three of these: one for the Soldier; one for the Pyro; and one for the Engineer. And Valve and WETA aren’t done yet – hit the jump to find out why and how!

TF2: Public Voting For The Next Dr. Grordbort Item Pack; And The Scout Gets His Very Own Boombox

Right now, you can decide what future Grordbort items will be featured in TF2. The official blog post, over at the Dr. Grordbort website tells us all about it:

You, yes you can help decide on future Dr. Grordbort items for Team Fortress 2.

Jump over to the Steam Workshop to vote, rate and comment on which future pack you’d like to see become reality. Are you a Man of Science or a Rocketeer from the Future? Tell us what you’d like to see – One, t’other, both, or fall down the stairs and crack your head on the concrete are all valid responses – get voting!

The Man Of Science pack, for the Medic, seems to include a brand new Medigun, as well as a new primary offensive weapon – a small raygun pistol somewhat similar to the Righteous Bison, but sporting some sort of container – perhaps this thing can help store or increase the Medic’s UberCharge. He’s also got a new set of really schizophrenic-looking goggles, most likely for use in the Miscellaneous slot. No new headwear or melee weapon for him.

The Rocketeer From The Future/Rocketboy pack, for the Scout, includes what seems to be a new primary weapon for the Scout – a double-barrelled steampunk sort of shotgun. No idea whether it’s a laser shotgun (never thought I’d write that in my life), but it might be safe to assume so. He’s also got a fancy new hat, and a dual rocket pack mounted on his back. Might just be a Miscellaneous slot, but in the picture it can be seen lifting him off the ground, and knowing the Scout’s affinity for aerial acrobatics, perhaps this thing is some sort of weapon, possibly for use in his melee slot.

They’re not very clear on how voting works, but just to be safe, only upvote, favorite, and comment one of these. Wouldn’t want to unknowingly vote for both and get your vote counted out. In any case, my vote goes to the Medic. He deserves some fancy new gear, especially in the Medigun department.

And in other, perhaps stranger news, the Scout has received a new and exciting community-created Miscellaneous item: the Boston Boom-Bringer. Taunting with this thing will play 1 of 4 randomly selected funky beats. You might not think it’s news-worthy, but Valve will inevitably prove you wrong, with this surreal and yet hilarious blog post on how it was… well, to be fair, I can’t tell what it’s about. Still, Erik Wolpaw wrote it, and it’s about LL Cool J, so go read it. And I’d also recommend acquiring the Boom-Bringer yourself, through whatever means at your disposal – at the moment, it can only be obtained through crafting or a store purchase. Better yet – read the whole thing while constantly playing those 4 sound effects.


  1. I’m BOTH!

  2. Man, I want the Medic one just for that kick-ass backpack.

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