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TF2 Community Raises USD$430,000 for Japanese disaster relief fund

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The team over a the Team Fortress blog (no pun intended) recently published three posts on their blog, the first of which reveals the final result for the charity drive towards the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan a month ago. According to the blog, a total of USD$430,543.65 was raised for the cause, all coming from the purchases of a handful of limited-edition Japanese-themed hats (of which all of the proceedings went towards the American Red Cross).

TF2 Community Raises USD$430,000 for Japanese disaster relief fund

The Unusual Hats Club also did their share of work, independently raising USD$3,000 for Japan. A huge congratulations and a big pat on the back for the entire community. The money raised is a substantial amount, and it really goes to show the power of all the hearts, minds and souls in the gaming community.

There was even more news on the blog. A day before the charity results the Heavy attempted to write a post on the blog. According to the blog, 10 new hats were added and, unexpectedly, a teddy bear was also added as a misc item for the Engineer class, dubbed ‘Teddy Roosebelt’. Also, two days before that blog post  (why travel forward in time when you can go backwards?) the TF2 team published another roundup of community news. It highlighted ChemicalAlia’s female Spy pack, a classy update for Gang Garrison and a whole bunch more.

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