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Portal 2 “Perpetual Testing Initiative” DLC Trailer Revealed [UPDATED]

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[UPDATE]: More details on the Puzzle Maker – apparently, you will be able to export Puzzle Maker maps to the Hammer Editor for extra detail and design. In addition, Hammer-made maps can be uploaded to the Workshop. You won’t be able to import Hammer maps to the Puzzle Maker, but hopefully, much like co-op support, this will be added to the PTI following its release.]

What would a Portal-related announcement be without a wacky, non-canon trailer short from Cave Johnson providing some manner of insane backstory to whatever is vehind the announcement? It’d be… a trailer-less announcement, that’s what! Thankfully, that’s never a possibility when you’re dealing with Aperture.

Portal 2 “Perpetual Testing Initiative” DLC Trailer Revealed [UPDATED]

The trailer (revealed on GameTrailers TV just a few hours ago) is nearly 2 minutes long, and contains mostly Portal’s signature CG infographics, although there’s a bit of footage of the new Puzzle Creator near the end. It serves as a sort of introduction to the PTI, so don’t go in expecting a dev diary demonstrating and explaining the Puzzle Creator in-depth. Still, it’s definitely enjoyable, genuinely clever, and pretty hilarious. Take a look:

You got all that, denizens of the Multiverse? Good; just don’t spend too much time trying to figure how the Multiverse works – it’s bad for you. I’ve gotta say, the Puzzle Creator is looking pretty good, but I am hoping that Valve will let us keep the existing Portal 2 SDK: even though Hammer is a pain, it can make anything happen. Perhaps the Puzzle Creator will be able to interface with Hammer in some way – that’d be really handy. For a closer look at what you can create with it, here’s a slowed-down version of the test chamber slideshow at the end of the trailer. These are all puzzle maps created by community mapmakers participating in the private beta test, so you’ll be able to play each and everyone when the DLC is released on the 8th of May.

Even though the whole Multiverse thing isn’t probably canon, it is interesting to see that test chamber wall panels are, in fact, made from lunar materials – which confirms that fan hypothesis. By the way, did you catch the computer screen playing what seems to be Meet the Pyro at 01:14?


  1. Seems neat, but limited.
    Good thing it can interface with Hammer.

  2. po_edit_04

  3. Most likely both.

  4. Anyone else catch the reference to Cave’s father “teaching farming at a farming university”?

  5. Commenter AvatarThe Great DeceiverApril 27th 2012 at 8:36pm

    Any info if they are squeezing some story driven coop levels in this DLC?

  6. > More details on the Puzzle Maker – apparently, you will be able to export Puzzle Maker maps to the Hammer Editor for extra detail and design. In addition, Hammer-made maps can be uploaded to the Workshop.

    I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS!
    It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction!

    Also, a typo – there’s no closing bracket in the [updated] part.

  7. What’s up with the guy with the giant diamond at 1.15ish? Is that some kind of joke I don’t get?

  8. I already put the vid on the Combine OverWiki channel, and within minutes Viacom blocked it in my country (Belgium), but only in Firefox and IE, not Chrome!

  9. Notice the computer in the bottom of the screen has some game on it. What game is that

  10. I have only one question: will the maps created with this be visleaf-optimized?

  11. Meet the Pyro, heck yeah o/
    When life gives you lemons…BURN THEM ALL

    On the bottom left corner, there is a year, I think it is 1988

    • It’s actually 1998. That’s the year the Portal 2 writing crew established for the central HL-Portal continuity: GLaDOS’ takeover on Bring Your Daughter to Work Day and the end of Aperture, followed by the Black Mesa Incident a few days later and the end of the world as we know it. HL1 established that the Incident took place in 200x, but it makes no difference either way.

  12. Did you catch the blurry screen?

  13. Octopus 🙁

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