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Portal 2 at GamesCom: 3D and Move Support? Left 4 Dead for PS3?

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The news just keep on rollin’ and rollin’.

Portal 2 at GamesCom: 3D and Move Support? Left 4 Dead for PS3?

Doug Lombardi, in an interview with CVG, said this relating to PS Move or 3D support for Portal 2:

“[Move and 3D] will have to wait for Portal 3 or another title,” he added. “We won’t be supporting those in Portal 2.”

Interesting. We’re just hoping the PC versions will feature some sort of 3D support, perhaps through NVIDIA’s 3D Vision. As for Move, I think we’d all prefer that any motion support remains either to third-party developers (i.e. Sixense and Novint Falcon), or to homebrew developers (i.e. the numerous Wiimote for HL2 projects).

As for the possibility of L4D ever going to Sony’s console:

“Who knows what the future will bring?”

Oh Doug, you’re such a tease.


  1. But the title is misleading, it was not at gamescon.

    • Portal 2 was.

      In addition, using the term “misleading” in this context is quite silly. If you already knew this, then you weren’t mislead and you didn’t read it. If you didn’t know it, then us labeling it “Portal 2 at GamesCom” makes absolutely no difference, because you found it out from us, therefore you weren’t mislead.

      Next time, think before you comment.

  2. This wasn’t from Gamescom. This was from like a week ago.

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