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Podcast 17 To Interview Gabe Newell (And Their Recent Mike Morasky Interview)

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Podcast 17 To Interview Gabe Newell (And Their Recent Mike Morasky Interview)

Yes, Podcast 17 has just announced that they will be interviewing the man, the legend, Gabe Newell himself! William and Glenn will be interviewing Gabe on the 6th of June. The interview will be released in MP3 form on the 7th, at 8:00 PM UTC. As always, the interview is community-driven, as listeners and fans are encouraged to send in questions using this form. Some of these questions will be used in the interview (in fact, most of the questions asked will be fan questions), and out of all of them, one lucky winner will be selected to win the grand prize – $50 worth of Valve merchandise. So not only will your question be read to Gabe himself, but you could get some delicious swag. It’s a win-win situation. Be sure to check the interview out when the time comes. For more information, check out P17’s official interview webpage, and their Steam Group.

You might also want to check out their Mike Morasky interview, which is 2 hours long and filled with some great information, including some details on Kelly Bailey’s departure. Mike also provided P17 with an exclusive first draft version of Portal 2’s intro song. If you haven’t heard the interview before, do give it a listen. You can find it here.

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  1. Just reading the terms of the prize (being British and all) and I have a few questions.

    The drawing date says “7th of may”. does this mean next year?

    are European people able to get the prize?

    • I’m fairly certain it’s a typo, and it should say “7th of June”. As for whether or not the prize will be shipped to Europe, I’m pretty sure it will, but I will ask William.

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