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Podcast 17 Interview With Gabe Newell Released

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Just as a quick note, Podcast 17 has just released their Gabe Newell interview.

Podcast 17 Interview With Gabe Newell Released

You’re looking at (well, you’re technically listening to it) a 50-minute interview, featuring William and Glenn interviewing Gabe Newell and Kutta Srinivasan, a software developer at Valve. There’s also transcripts available, in case you’re a bit lazy.

There’s some great questions here. A bit of Half-Life stuff, which Gabe masterfully dodged, except for one very important piece of information:

William: And Ricochet, well Ricochet was still first person but we love Ricochet at Podcast 17, trust me. We would love to see a Ricochet clone, any way you can push that out would be great—-or sequel.

Gabe: Alright, I’m prioritizing Ricochet 2 above Episode Three in my next staff meeting so…

Yeah, it’s Ricochet 2 time! Get all that other crap out of here. Get a singleplayer mode in here. Make it about… people tossing discs at each other! Oh, wait, that’s the multiplayer mode. How about people tossing discs at malevolent cyborgs?

There’s also questions about Valve moving into the mobile space, about the information on new hardware and software adoption taken from their customer surveys, as well as the long-awaited question: will Valve release GoldSource’s source code? The answer was rather vague, as Valve wouldn’t want to endanger the game community by releasing the source code and allowing hackers to go to town on it.

Gabe: We’d just rather continue not talking about Half-Life 2: Episode Three more than not finish open sourcing Gold-Source.

Well… that’s great too. We’d also like to congratulate one of our readers, JayBirdSupreme, for winning one of the P17 giveaway prizes: a copy of Eets! He’s also a winner in my books – makes the greatest Sybil jokes ever.

Be sure to check the interview out.

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  1. In response to “I’m prioritizing Ricochet 2 above Episode Three”

    I believe Gabe is giving us a slight hint here.. Considering Valve has stated they have moved past the episodic model, I have a feeling a game titled “Episode Three” will never be released. That’s why Gabe said he’s putting Ricochet 2 above Episode Three; because the next Half-Life *won’t* be Ep3.

    – Dom

  2. Well I am just so relieved to see that Ricochet will get the sequel it deserves.

    (Also,Vic, I see your a Telltale Games fan too.)

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