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News Roundup #44

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Late again. I’ve been busy with my exams lately, but we’ll soon be entering summer, and you shouldn’t be seeing any more delays.

News Roundup #44

Podcast 17’s Gabe Newell Interview

The sad part is that even after reaching mythical stature, and becoming the butt of jokes, even from Gabe himself, Episode Three still has no Wikipedia article.

Meanwhile, Gunman Chronicles 2 has presumably given birth to a new deep web religion.

TF2: Saxxy Awards Winners

But they didn’t get any tiny Saxtons statues on their profile? Aww.

Dear Esther Supported By Indie Fund

I cannot wait for this.

Steam Support Now On Twitter

Now all we need is Steam Psychological Support. God knows us Half-Life fans need it.

Final Sequence

And that’s all. Again, sorry for all the delays. But rest assyred – we’re entering summer, and LG’s going crazy.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Not that I’m complaining =P

  2. You do realize you’re always late. You don’t even have to say “late again, sorry”. That’s automatic by now.

    • We know, it’s exam time right now and most of us, especially Vic are having to complete exams. I promise that as soon as summer arrives in the coming weeks, we will be living and breathing Lambda again 🙂

      • It has become practically automatic, but I still feel it’s something I need to tell the readers. They should know exactly what’s going on, and just because we’re always late doesn’t mean I can attempt to cover it up. I’d like to apologize about the recent absence of any content on the site as well – I’ve been quite busy with my exams. This coming week is the last school week, so once it’s over I’ll definitely be going back to putting most of my time in the site. When it comes to my schoolwork I do not hesitate in putting that above the work I do for the site – so inevitably, things will be late. At the end of the day – we’re still just an amateur fansite run by younger folks who have never done such a project. We’re always learning, so bear with us.


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