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News Roundup #26

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Jesus, they never stop.

News Roundup #26

Portal 2 – User-Created Levels Will Be Available On Consoles


Portal 2 Will Have Two Different Credit Sequences, Each With A Surprise


TF2 + Monday Night Combat = More Items

At least the game’s pretty damn awesome.

ChemicalAlia’s Half-Life Fanart Forum Thread

Great stuff!

Homefront’s Singleplayer Inspired By Half-Life

Looks like a promising little game.

Opposing Force 2 Stadium Demo


PlanetPhillip’s First Discussion Podcast

Quite interesting! We’d like to see more of these in the future.

Steamcast’s Second Gabe Newell Interview

Send in your questions!

Portal 2 – Many Interviews

“Many” is all I could think of.

PlanetPhillip’s January 2011 Writing Competition Is Over

Some amazing stories here.

Definitely check them out.

Final Sequence

Well, that’s it for this week.

I’ll be MIA for most of the coming week, but Pinky might help out.

Thanks for reading, and see you later!

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  1. Awesome week.

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