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New Operation Black Mesa Media

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The folks over at Operation Black Mesa, a Source-remake of Half-Life: Opposing Force, recently published a bunch of new media for the mod. According to the latest blog post posted by DragonNOR on the their ModDB page, this media release is more ‘modest’ compared to the mountain of screenshots, videos and sounds that the previous one entailed. Nevertheless, it was still as interesting as the last, packing in more fantastic concept art, detailed weapon renders and beautiful in-game screenshots.

New Operation Black Mesa Media

However, one of the most striking things about this media release was the details regarding the design of the HUD, which was represented by two screenshots. The first screenshot of the HUD design shows off the PCV’s weapon and health interface, as well as the notification symbols for radiation warnings, fire warnings and so on. The second screenshot shows the ‘booting-up’ sequence of the PCV (think of the Nanosuit in Crysis). The quality and detail of the HUD speaks volumes of the effort the guys are putting into this mod. But that’s only one, tiny slice in an otherwise very big and brilliant looking hypothetical cake.

Fortunately, this hypothetical cake is not a lie, and the mod has been making significant progress in the past few months as more and more people join the team. Be sure to read the rest of the media release for the full low-down of the ongoing progress of Operation Black Mesa.


  1. I’m a bit shocked that they are changing the HUD that drastically and changing “Hazardous Environment Suit” to “Powered Combat Vest.” While I understand that they are taking the original Half-Life and painting it with a brush full of awesome re-imagining, I don’t quite understand why they are changing these core fundamentals so much.

    For example, why is the HUD green instead of the classic orange that is such a pinnacle in the Half-Life universe (lambda stash spray paint, the HEV suit, the HUD, ammo crates, HEV charging station)? Don’t get me wrong, I do quite like the look of the new HUD–the way it bows inward on the edges is friggin’ sweet–it just doesn’t look like Half-Life.

  2. Nice to see some full paragraphs around here! Look forward to reading more, Flamov!

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