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News Roundup! #0

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Greetings and welcome to LambdaGeneration! I’m Vic, and I’m going to be your news editor for the foreseeable future. I’m told news aren’t exactly the biggest thing here, but I’m not told if I should be happy or not so happy about that. Meh, who knows.

Anyways, rather than confuse you guys with 6 different articles all in the first day, I’ve decided to do this little news roundup.

News Roundup! #0

Beyond Black Mesa Trailer Released

Beyond Black Mesa is a short independent fanfilm based on the HL series. 2 years in development by a 7 man cast with a $1,200 budget and one Canon HV20 camera, Beyond Black Mesa is a fanfilm that features Adrian Shephard and a small band of resistance fighters struggling to get warning out about the Combine’s impending invasion. While we don’t know anything else about its storyline, it looks amazing and we can’t wait for its release.

The East Accident Trailer Released

The East Accident is another short independent fanfilm based on the HL series, the TV show Lost and Tim Smit’s What’s In The Box. Directed and produced by Roman Yavorsky and written by Roman Rogachkov and Roman Yavorsky, The East Accident also looks quite promising. With a rough release date of Summer 2010, we’re hoping it gets released this year, with no rush, and hopefully with English subtitles.

Black Mesa Finally Getting Released?

After being delayed late last year, and several hints from the sneaky developers, we may finally know the release date of the independent mod Black Mesa, which seeks to remake the original Half-Life in the Source Engine. Lead Animator Nathan Ayres says on Black Mesa’s official forums:

“Attention Loyal Black Mesa Fans!

Feeling blue about the lack of updates? Clinging desperately to low resolution prop screenshots occasionally uploaded on the wiki? Tired of being cruelly mocked by the rest of humanity for your unwavering faith in “the final victory”?

Never fear. While it’s true that Black Mesa and Ep3 are in a tight contest for “Most Anticipated Half-Life Game That Nobody Even Knows is Alive or Not” you don’t have to agonize over it anymore.

What I’d do is this. Get some very, very powerful sedative.. like crush a pack of sleeping pills up and dump it in your Spaghettios. Then write a note that says “Dear Mom. Wake me up at the end of 2010.” Ok now don’t screw this up.. don’t misplace the 1 and the 0 and it be 2100. Or make your 0 squished so she thinks its 2011. End of 2010. Then eat your Spaghettios.”

His original post, and some other hints from the developers, can be found here:

Here’s to hoping that it gets released this year, cause we can’t wait!

DangerousWorld 2 Announced

DangerousWorld 2, a sequel to the 2009 mod Dangerous World, has just been announced with an impressive trailer showing off some awesome footage! Taking place during the events of Episode Two, in the City 17 Outlands, DangerousWorld 2 continues the story of Frank Harrison, after escaping City 17. With a release date of 2011, we can’t wait for this awesome mod!
Here’s the link to the mod’s trailer and ModDB page:

SMod Rises From The Ashes With SMod 2

After Valve’s May 26th update which crippled numerous mods, and affected SMod the worst, it seemed like SMod had finally died. But, just in time, The Author releases SMod 2, a version of SMod that can run on the EP2 engine. Even this new SMod was affected by the update, but the famous LambdaCore21 has fixed up SMod 2 and put his version up for download! Try it out while The Author works on his official release!

Here’s a link to his YouTube gameplay video, which also features a DL link in the description:

FireArms: Source Released

After 4 years in development, FireArms: Source, the sequel to the original FireArms mod for HL1 is finally released. So far, all we’ve heard is nothing but “Awesome, awesome, awesome!”, and we’re happy that the legacy of the original FA team and mod lives on in this awesome remake.

Here is their official site:

And that’s all for now, folks! Once again, welcome to LambdaGeneration! I hope you’ll enjoy the site, and stick around, cause we’ve got a ton of other things to come! See you around!


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    I’ll be one of your first official readers 🙂

  2. Great Content Vic!

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