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Fanart Friday #003

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It’s Friday! It’s… something doesn’t feel right. Yes, it’s Saturday. It is with my sincerest apologies that I deliver the Fanart Friday article late. But then again maybe you’re reading this through the archive and want to just get to the Fanart…   then with no further delay I present to you Fanart Friday #003:Saturday Special Edition!

Fanart Friday #003

This first piece is a Gmod pose…


Jacob from Germany sent this in with a note that said this was his first serious attempt at creating a Gmod pose, this depicts Jacob’s favorite HL2 enemy, the Strider on the prowl for some Rebels. I do like the nice effects and the Strider is posed quite well, but the Rebel on the left could use a bit of work. Jacob has assured me however that he is still learning and that we may see more of him next week. Keep it up, Jacob.

This next Gmod pose takes us back to the goldsrc era…


Gordon standing if front of the portal as a Chumtoad looks at him, almost as if to say “Don’t go…”  Tumblr User ‘Chocolate-covered-portals’ sent this one in. If you’re looking for more cool poses from her definitely check out her Tumblr:

This next piece returns back to the Half-Life 2 universe…


d0g vs. Headcrab or maybe that’s Lamarr? Now that would be an interesting battle, the giant robot pet versus the de-beaked pest. A perfectly detailed pen sketch, submitted by someone under the name of ‘iie nandemonai’ they have a Tumblr you can check out, but be warned some of the art is nsfw, but very nice.

And the final piece…


This piece comes in from Tumblr user liquidsnakesmissingshirt, and they wanted to depict Chell after the events of Portal 2. I too would be sad if I had to leave behind the world of Cave Johnson and GLaDOS. While a bit sketchy I do like the concept and illustration of this piece. Good job. You can check out their Tumblr for their fandoms and hopefully some more art.

That brings us to a close for the 3rd Fanart Friday.

Remember you can submit art and creations to us directly at creations [at] or by the Tumblr

Please post a link to your DeviantArt or art Tumblr and give a nice description of the piece, just don’t leave the text field blank, I won’t know if you even made it!

Also, if you have any questions or comments for me, email me directly at Jeff [at]


See you next time with Fanart Friday #004!

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