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Fanart Friday #001

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Hello and welcome to the first edition of Fanart Fridays! This is where we hope to showcase the awesome Fanart submitted by our dear readers and followers. And what do you know, we got some submissions to show off today, let’s jump to it!

Fanart Friday #001

First up is some Half-Life 2 art by Maccasmiz on Tumblr…


What I like about Maccasmiz’ art is the variety of styles offered. The image featuring Gordon has an emphasis on shadow and light-play which gives it a nice actiony feel.

The Barney piece is done in an almost vector art-style which fits his playful style, and the D0g piece is done in a nice sketchy style. Glad to have some Half-Life art in the premiere article, good stuff.

See the full sized versions of these images here, here, and here. You should also check out Maccasmiz on her Tumblr for more of her art here.

Next up we got some Cosplay by Duamuteffe on Tumblr…


It appears Mr.Freeman has lost his HEV Suit, however that doesn’t stop him from slaying zombies and taking names.

Duamuteffe’s portrayal of Mr.Freeman is awesomely detailed, down to the labcoat and signature ridiculous tie. Looking closely at one of the fullsize images one can see a Black Mesa ID Card. Now that’s dedication!

Check out the full sizes of the images here, here and here. You should also check out his Tumblr and DeviantArt for more stuff like this.

Shifting gears here is a piece related to a little old game called Portal…


This one is by Thecuraga on DeviantArt, his awesome vector turret propaganda poster was once a shirt available to purchase but sadly this no longer seems to be the case. Maybe a certain Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System can convince the folks at Redbubble otherwise…

You can view this piece in full resolution and check out more of Thecuraga’s sweet vector works here.

And now… the final piece for this week…


AshiRox sent this to me from his Tumblr without any text, when I saw this in the inbox I was amazed, I thought I was looking at an actual Ted Backman piece! A richly detailed scene fit to be put on the actual game box. Needless to say, he nailed the style 100% perfectly. Xen is shown in such awesome detail and the Houndeye’s attack is beautifully illustrated.

AshiRox’s Tumblr had nothing on it, so I tracked down his DeviantArt and found a portfolio full of pieces of the same wonderful quality.

You should definitely check out the full res version of this piece and see more of his gallery on his DeviantArt.

That’s a wrap!

A big thanks to everyone who submitted work to this week’s Fanart Friday, you all really made this first edition special. Those who feel they missed the opportunity to be showcased, fear not! I’ll be back next week with more Fanart. All you gotta do is submit your stuff to creations [at] or our very own Tumblr,


Feel free to leave any comments about things I can improve on in this series of articles, you can also contact me directly at Jeff [at]

Thanks for reading, see you next week!


  1. Can I join too in the next friday :)? also check my steam profile, quite significant 🙂

  2. Barney’s awesome.

  3. Awesome artwork! I really love the Aperture turret one in particular.

  4. Everything’s looking great!

  5. BARNEY!! He’s such a hottie! Really good stuff, guys! Keep the fan-art coming! <3

  6. My god, the Houndeye.

  7. The Houndeye picture is fantastic, it really captures the Xen atmosphere.

  8. Liked the Barney fanart 😀

  9. Great first round-up, this post idea is awesome!

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