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We Heart You Phillip Marlowe

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Back on June 27, Phillip Marlowe wrote an article thanking William McMahon for all his work on Podcast 17 and in the Half-Life community. He spoke of his dedication and love for the game and the people who play it , and it was an extremely thoughtful thing for Phillip to do.

Phillip runs his own website, PlanetPhillip, where he reviews mods and maps for the Half-Life and Portal games along with providing download mirrors and forums. He doesn’t plaster his sites with ads nor demand attention to himself, something that we here at Lambda Generation love to do.

We Heart You Phillip Marlowe

He cares for his community and actively participates in discussions with them on his forums and in post comments. Phillip occasionally hosts/co-hosts Podcast 17, and is a valuable asset to the Valve community. Speaking of which, he has created several sites, most focusing on the Half-Life community. Valve Community was a collection of sites ranging from developers to small news sites like ourselves. He let that project go, but has also funded a number of competitions such as DM2SP, Sniperville, Hunterville, and Voiceville.

Phillip regularly updates his site with new mods, reviews, editorials, and whatever other genius thing he’s up to. He’s currently writing The City 17 Times, humor/parody articles set within the Half-Life universe, but has also demonstrated his singing abilities on Podcast 17 in Combine Road.

It’s not hard to call him the most hardcore Half-Life player or the biggest fan of the franchise because of everything he’s done. There are probably major things I’ve missed from this list (voice acting!), which is fantastic. If you’ve done so much for a community – or as a community – that it’s hard to keep track of, it’s impressive to say the least. He’s playing Half-Life 1 maps and mods to this day. The game is twelve years old and he’s still covering it.

Being one of the last critics of Half-Life mods, he reviews every piece of content on his site and give users an easy way to browse by categories. If you don’t have a lot of time or patience for buggy, low-quality maps, you can check out the Hall of Fame. Alternatively, if you have a shotgun or crowbar fetish, Phillip offers an easy way to find maps that suit your style.

His dedication is incredible and much-appreciated in the Valve community. When someone single-handedly offers a hundred dollar prize for a mapping competition, administrates a massive website, and writes content for said site, it’s nothing short of amazing.  Don’t forget about all the dedication he has to playing the mods. I can barely play a single game for long before tiring of it, and he finishes almost every map and mod released on his site.

I think we should stop and give Phillip Marlowe a big…









  1. when i heard the first voice of wheatley i thought OMG PHILLIP GOT THE GIG

  2. Oh, yes, he’s really a lovely person who really cares about what he loves and it really shows. The dedications he puts is jaw-dropping. I’ve been follow him for a couple of years now, not only because the content he has to offer, but also for being a great guy.

    That’s why he goes on the “really awesome” box.

  3. Thank you for all your kind words. I do enjoy helping people and I am slightly younger than Mother Teresa.

    The Philip Marlowe novels rock. Unfortunately I am nothing like that particular character – he’s a hard ass – I’m a soft cuddly teddybear.

    Hopefully, I can continue to contribute to the community for a number of years yet.

    Thanks again.

  4. Yes Nic,helping people is a lost art these days.Thankfully people like Phillip are still around.

  5. Phillip is the Mother Teresa of the Half-Life Community. He’s about just as old as her too… lawlz. Seriously though Phillip is really what started Podcast 17 – if it wasn’t for him none of my glorious enterprise would not be possible.

  6. He also seems to genuinely enjoy helping people for the sake of helping. Something that the world as a whole should aspire to.

  7. We salute you, Field Marshal Marlowe.

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