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Friday, August 3rd, 2012

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TF2 Gets Huge New “Triad Pack”, For Sleeping Dogs Steam Promotion


[UPDATE: Here’s something I forgot about: the brand new Team Fortress 2 QuakeCon Bundle in the Steam Store, featuring all five of last year’s promotional QuakeCon items, albeit in non-Genuine versions. So the items are not Genuine, but they are “clean” and tradeable, just like ordinary drop items.

This bundle, by the way, is TF2’s first DLC to be offered for sale in the Steam Store, although technically it doesn’t even qualify as DLC. Still, it says the bundle is available this weekend only for a discounted price, so I assume that it won’t be taken down from the Store once the weekend ends. No idea why it got its own Store entry and page, anyway.]

Team Fortress 2’s Pyromania Update, released in late June, was pretty damn massive. Which is why most of us probably didn’t expect to see anything significant out of TF2 until this coming Halloween. But that doesn’t mean Valve was planning on forsaking TF2 for 4 months. No – quite the opposite, as they have just proved through the surprise release of the brand new Triad Pack!