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Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Articles posted during Tuesday February 28th 2012

Jack “Gauss” Monahan’s “Valve Portfolio”: Fantastical Visions Of The Half-Life Continuum


To call Jack “Gauss” Monahan a mapper or a modeller would be doing him and his skillset a grave injustice. He’s an artist, a game designer, and I can only assume, a few others. He occasionally posts his thoughts on his blog, Gausswerks: Design Reboot (as well as the Gausswerks forums), and his very own Twitter. Back in 2009, he served as the level design lead for the time-travelling cult hit Darkest of Days, and at the moment he’s cranking away on Animal Memory, an indie shooter of his own design, built on the Unreal engine.

He’s also a Valve enthusiast. He once did an excellent dissection of Left 4 Dead and TF2’s character designs, and long ago he created a delightful little design reboot of Half-Life, titled: “Doctor Ivan Just Won’t Die”. But we’re going to take a look at something he once cooked up way back in 2005 – a gallery of artwork and game designs based on the Half-Life 2 universe. These constitute his early “Valve Portfolio”, which represented a section of a larger job application he sent to Valve.

As you can tell from the enticing feature image, it looks really good. Well, let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Operation Black Mesa And Guard Duty, The Two Gearbox Expansion Remakes Join Forces And Merge Into One Team


If there’s one thing Source modders love to do, it’s develop Source Engine remakes of… well, just about everything, including the original Half-Life 1 series. We all know about Black Mesa Source, the HL1 remake/poster boy for vaporware development – but there are two mod remakes in development for Gearbox’s classic HL1 expansions as well: Operation Black Mesa (in development since mid-2007) and Guard Duty (in development since early 2009).

Courtesy of PlanetPhillip, we now have an official reveal from the teams behind OBM and Guard Duty – they have joined their forces, pooled their efforts, and merged into one development team: Tripmine Studios. Let’s check it out!